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The nine peaks of Everest by the Bay details about the Mt. Tamalpais hike details about the Mt. Diablo hike details about the Montara Mountain hike details about the Mission Peak hike details about the Rose Peak hike details about the Black Mountain hike details about the Mt. Sizer hike details about the El Sombroso hike details about the Loma Prieta hike

Here is the information on the trailheads and the hiking routes for the nine peaks. Some of you might be tempted to follow in some of our footsteps by using our routes on one or more of the nine peaks. One way to deal with that temptation is to lie down until it goes away. Another is to get out there and do it. However, we strongly recommend that you obtain relevant maps before venturing out. Follow the links below or click on the name of a peak in the map.

Peak Summit elevation
above sea level
Elevation gained
Distance walked
feet meters feet meters miles km
Mt. Diablo 3849 1173 3440 1050 12 19
Mt. Tamalpais 2571 784 2940 900 13 21
Mission Peak 2517 767 3850 1170 10 16
Montara Mountain 1898 579 3100 940 12 19
El Sombroso 2999 914 3940 1200 16 26
Black Mountain 2800 853 3610 1100 12 19
Mt. Sizer 3216 980 4260 1300 15 24
Rose Peak 3817 1163 4170 1270 20 32
Loma Prieta 3791 1155 3120 950 12 19
Totals     32,430 9880 122 195

I know, you are wondering how we could have gained more elevation on some of the days than that peak's elevation above sea level. Did we begin our hike on the ocean floor? No. In many cases we walked a loop or out-and-back route on which we gained, lost, and then regained substantial amounts of elevation. The elevation gained that we show here is the estimated sum of all the substantial gains in elevation during the day's hike.

Dinesh Desai
May 2002

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