2012 Hike-a-Thon

Route Descriptions

The routes of most of our hikes can easily be ascertained by looking at the relevant maps. Below are the descriptions of two of our hikes, the routes of which may or may not be readily apparent.

The loop hike in Joseph D. Grant County Park

1Parking lot near Grant Lake
2Hotel Trail
3Dutch Flat Trail
4Heron Trail
5Edwards Loop Trail
6Mt. Hamilton Road
7Washburn Trail
8Canada de Pala Trail North
9Antler Point
10Pala Seca Trail
11Canada de Pala Trail South
12Bonhoff Trail
13Foothill Trail
14Hotel Trail

Rancho San Antonio to Horseshoe Lake in Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve

1PG&E Trail
2Quarry Trail
3Black Mountain Trail
4Black Mountain
5Indian Creek Trail
6Canyon Trail North
7Stevens Creek Nature Trail
10Skid Road Trail
11Nature Trail
12Horseshoe Lake

Note: The return was via Bella Vista Trail in lieu of Indian Creek Trail.