2012 Hike-a-Thon

Hike Statistics

Hike NumberName of hikeLength of hike
Elevation gain
1Saratoga Gap to Borel Hill21.34,100
2Waddell Beach to Big Basin HQ21.42,700
3Sunol to Rose Peak20.04,450
4A loop hike in Joseph D. Grant County Park20.14,300
5Henry Coe State Park: Coyote Creek entrance to Pacheco Camp20.04,200
6Los Gatos Creek Trail: Meridian Ave. to Lexington Reservoir20.4900
7Stanford Avenue to 'W' tree in Sunol20.03,800
8Ohlone College to Ed Levin County Park20.75,000
9Rancho San Antonio to Horseshoe Lake in Skyline Ridge Open Space20.63,900
10Henry Coe State Park: Coyote Creek entrance to Manzanita Point21.23,500
11Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge to Decoto Road20.01,400
12Sweeney Ridge, Montara Mountain, Mori Point loop22.94,300
13Henry Coe State Park: Bear Mtn. Peak22.64,850


Except for the two loop hikes, all hikes were out and back. The return path was different in several of the hikes.

The lengths and elevation gains were determined using a GPS receiver.