Free Weight Loss Program

Offered by
Dinesh Desai, Los Altos, California


"I have lost 28 lbs this year with the amazing coaching from Dinesh. He gave me the motivation and confidence to stay on track to achieve my weight goal. I feel like a new person and I am so grateful to Dinesh. He provided great practical insights into ways to make the necessary life changes to my eating habits. Awareness and portion control are his mantra, and now mine too. I am confident that I will stay at my new weight going forward."

L.D, Los Altos

"I joined the free weight class hoping for a way to lose some of the accumulated weight I had gained in the last twenty years. I had tried so many things. I exercised constantly trying to lose the fat around my waist. I even visited a plastic surgeon because I was losing hope and didn't think I could do this on my own. Finally someone gave me Dinesh's name and I was able to join one of his classes. I was able to lose 24 pounds in one year. Now I can run again (I stopped running because I had problems with my knees carrying all the extra weight). This is a unique class that guided me and supported me for twelve months. I didn’t have to follow a diet and was able to eat whatever I wanted. Thank you Dinesh!!"

C.T., Los Altos

"In one year with Dinesh, I lost 30 pounds! I am now only 2 or 3 pounds from my goal weight, and I expect to get there soon. I found Dinesh's weight loss philosophy to be a perfect match for my own beliefs. No fad diets. Mostly eat better and eat less, and be mindful of what you're doing. Incremental changes are better, because they’re easier to sustain. It's really mind over matter!

"I found that I agreed with just about everything that Dinesh taught us. In fact, I already thought pretty much the same things before joining Dinesh's group. So why did I lose weight this last year, the same weight that I put on over the previous 10 years? The secret sauce was in the regular meetings and check-ins we had with Dinesh. These helped me develop the discipline and confidence I needed. And now that I've been able to manage my diet well for a whole year, I know that I'm capable of managing my diet, and I believe that I can sustain the discipline needed to control my weight and enhance my health for the long term.

"Thank you Dinesh. Your program is great. A wonderful gift to me and your other students."

M.L., Mountain View

"Meeting Dinesh Desai was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Being accepted into his free class changed my life. I discovered I could do anything I put my mind to. Especially to lose the excess weight I was carrying for many years. I remember Dinesh saying, you are not on a diet, you are changing the way you think about food and the way you eat.

"Weigh yourself everyday, smaller portions (no calorie counting); awareness of what you put into your month; choices -- do I eat a slice of bread or do I have a glass of wine. Knowing you shouldn't have both -- you make your own choice. Over the course of a year, I slowly lost over 20 pounds. Thank you, Dinesh, for your patience and encouragement. Peace,"

I.H., Sunnyvale

"Dinesh's class offers the support and you offer the commitment. Dinesh won't let you down! He's there helping you along the way, with his motivation and words of wisdom. It all makes sense when you faithfully attend the classes. His reach doesn't stop with you but extends to those around you too! You become a more mindful eater and in-turn so does your family! You learn about food labels, healthy eating habits, crazy diets, and you learn to stop being sedentary. Not only have I lost weight but so have others in my family.

"I've changed and new friendships blossomed. My new friends that are on the same journey have been the most meaningful to me! Having Dinesh & Joy in those new set of friends to laugh, talk and enjoy life with has been good for the soul. Dinesh is an inspiration to all. I have been able to maintain and continue to lose weight thanks to my commitment and Dinesh!"

T.G-L., Mountain View

"If you are willing to take an active part in losing weight, there is no better motivator and educator than Dinesh. I have struggled for years with losing weight, but since meeting Dinesh, I have already lost more than 12 pounds. He genuinely cares and is just one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Even through set-backs, he manages to motivate me and keep me on track. Thank you so very much, Dinesh!"

M.P., Los Altos

I would like to provide you with a testimonial of the amazing service that you provide. I do feel that it was a service because you provided no magic pill nor strict diet but the incentive/motivation to do this for ourselves. From the very beginning you stressed accountability not only to you and the group but to ourselves. If you keep the desire to lose weight to yourself, then you are only letting yourself down if you fail again. Where better to share your trials and tribulations than within a small supportive group. You bring insightful information and "food" for thought in a common sense approach that obviously worked for me. I am a proud to say that I lost nearly 35 pounds with your guidance and support from my wife. Thank you Dinesh!!

R.M., Cupertino

I lost 24 lbs this year. Dinesh understands each individual's personality and knows what will work for whom. He never told me what to eat and how much to exercise. Just encouraged me every week. He is a great role model and you will learn weight management skills for life. His program is the best of all programs you will ever find. And it is FREE. Do it for yourself. What do you have to lose except pounds?

A.S., Los Altos

Dinesh is truly an amazing and caring person. His weight loss program works because he keeps it simple: cut food portion, nutrition awareness (read labels, etc.), and avoid mindless eating. This method works because it's easy to incorporate it to anyone's usual home cuisines. In addition, he helps us be accountable for our own weight loss goals. Dinesh not only teaches me how to lose weight and keep it off, he opens my eyes to the importance of being fit as well. His positive attitude is so contagious and his life experience is inspiring! He has inspired me to start running again and to continue to reach new goals (in fitness and life too)!!

G.Z., Los Altos

Want to lose weight and keep it off? Dinesh's yearlong weight-loss class can help you accomplish this far better than any other program I know. First of all, you will love Dinesh, and his program is free! There is nothing to buy and no fee for the sessions. Instead, Dinesh offers his weight-loss program out of the goodness of his heart, having no other agenda than a genuine desire to help interested people learn a healthier lifestyle. Dinesh's classes are informative and fun. Dinesh teaches strategies for weight loss and provides motivation. He provides periodic weight loss goals and his classes provide the support.for achieving those goals. Finally, Dinesh's program is extremely successful. This year's average weight loss for his 14 participants was 18 pounds. As for me, without counting calories or adhering to any particular diet plan, I have trimmed down almost 20 pounds to the healthiest weight I have been in many years. And I've kept the pounds off, even through the holidays. Hands-down, Dinesh's program is the best. Dinesh is one of the finest, most wonderful and selfless human beings I have ever met, and in him I have gained a new friend, a friend who will continue to support me and my fellow classmates even after the class is over. It just doesn't get better than that!

C.D., San Jose

"It is my very first weight loss program and my last one! I lost 10 pounds in six months by taking the common sense approach I learned in Dinesh's class. His enthusiasm and self-discipline inspire me to take control of my own weight. He makes an impact not only on me but also on our community. Thank you, Dinesh!"

R.Y., Los Altos

"Dinesh offers a sensible method for permanent weight loss. He unselfishly shares his time and knowledge. He inspires his "students" by modeling, as well as just preaching discipline, so that you can't imagine letting him down, in addition to letting yourself down, by not reaching a goal. I leave each meeting inspired toward further progress. Many thanks, Dinesh for your generous gift!"

J.H., Los Altos

"Dinesh's class works in multiple ways; common-sense food and nutrition education, time and freedom for real learning and realistic loss, plus accountability and support. You can lose weight, and find in yourself your ability to exercise discipline and achieve a goal. Both are transforming, and he understands all the dimensions of the experience. It's a real gift that you do this. Thank you!"

J.R., Los Altos

"Your constant encouragement and guidance has been a rewarding experience. You have been instilling in us to eat consciously in portion control. We do not need to buy packaged pre-made food to lose weight. Losing the weight has given me energy and confidence. I look forward to the next years' goal. Thank you."

S.S., Los Altos

"Dinesh is a wonderful individual who has dedicated his knowledge and time to helping those in the community to better understand their eating habits. This program has really helped me to pay attention to what my body really needed and avoid bad habits. It will totally change the way you look at food. Make the time to do something for you. You would be blessed to be a part of this supportive group."

L.E., Los Altos

"It is an honor and pleasure to become part of your program. Not only I am able to shake off ten lbs., I am also able to break away once in a while from today's stressful and fast going work/life. What a value added life time experience! Thank you deeply from my heart."

M.J., Los Altos

"When I started Dinesh's weight loss class in January 2013, I weighed 132 pounds (I am 5 ft. tall). It is now end of November and I am at 117.8! I want to thank Dinesh for providing the motivation to not only lose weight (my initial goal was 118), but to change my eating habits so that I can keep the weight off. He has provided me with valuable tools and the support of a personal coach so that I continue to lose weight ten months after we started. I have never before been able to maintain a weight loss program for more than three months. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about losing weight but just can't do it alone. Thanks Dinesh! I never would have done it without you."

B.M., San Jose

"I feel so lucky to have found Dinesh. He is a fabulous being and an awesome mentor. He gives us achievable, measurable goals & holds us accountable for them. It is so wonderful to have someone watching out for me & cheering me on. His program is not a diet, it's a way of life. I totally recommend Dinesh's program to whoever is interested in losing weight, and keeping it off forever!"

M.R., Los Altos

"First off, Dinesh is one of a kind and a truly amazing person — you don't know much when you first meet him but as the months slip by, you will come to realize that this man is truly a gift to all of us. Although I have yet to meet my goal, and I will, I am still very much aware of his motivational force that will keep me from eating that next bar of candy or get me off the couch to go for that next session at the gym — he is going to be in my head for ever, which is what a lot of us need. So thanks Dinesh, I will always know you are there for me."

L.L., Los Altos

"My experience with the program exceeded my expectations. When we started, I really didn't know what the program was about and what to expect. A friend had recommended him telling me that he was her 'food guru'. In the beginning, it seemed that we were focusing on portions, understanding the concept of weight loss and health. Being a doctor myself, I really wasn't learning new information about weight loss, though I loved the way Dinesh sent the message. His persistence in getting the message out to our group, the patience, and guided motivational quotes are all unique to his personality. When you come to the group on a regular basis, send in your weight progress, and receive his emails and occasional calls, it is a very genuine and enjoyable experience. I feel that I succeeded in my goals. I have the mindset to keep it up and continue onward. Dinesh is kind hearted and a great motivational speaker. Seemingly doing this for the sole purpose of helping others. I would encourage anyone to try this class. If you are lucky, you will be chosen. Thank you Dinesh for sharing yourself with us."

R.F., Palo Alto

"Dinesh Desai has a basic weight loss program made for (dummies) anyone. Weigh yourself everyday. Cut your food portions, move more and lose four pounds in nine weeks. Simple! He is committed to your success, for FREE. That's what makes the difference! Thank you for a great year!"

D.P., Los Altos

I have known Dinesh and his wife Joy for about 30 years. In fact, Joy and I are part of a small group of founders of Friends of Deer Hollow Farm. Further, my husband and I and Joy and Dinesh have enjoyed many dinners out in local restaurants. Many things about Dinesh do not surprise me. But I did not anticipate Dinesh organizing a weight loss group!! About 20 years ago I had success with the highly regarded Weight Watchers group. Last year I had to admit that I have let myself slip into lazy and sloppy eating habits and needed a boost. The small group environment and Dinesh's cheer leading with timely and healthy suggestions were just the things I needed. Check it out! What have you got to lose?

J.G., Los Altos